Retro fitting

Retrofit Solutions for old or out dated Switchgear
Many of the existing MV Switchgear panels requires to be changed or upgraded as the  plants get upgraded or machines get changed. Instead of replacing the existing switchgear, retrofitting the existing system offers the most cost effective solutions.
Retrofitting is cost effective as there is no need to buy new switchgear panels.
The same cables can be used  and most cases same main bus bars too can be used 
As retrofitting is done in a phased manner disruptions and plant down time is low 
Life of the existing system gets extended without major investment in replacement.
There are no civil works required for a retrofitting
              Retrofitting are of different nature with respect to the equipment being replaced or renovated
Old out dated switchgear like MOCB’s or BOCB’s can be replaced
Phased out models of the same switchgear get replaced
Same switchgear with enhanced current rating is incorporated in the system
Switchgear with higher short circuit capacities can be installed 
One brand or make of switchgear can be replaced with another brand or make.